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Confidence. Endurance. Discipline.
The path to financial success is clear.
We hear stories of "advisors" who seem to work for themselves, more than for you.
  •  They're not doing a great job, certainly not well enough to recommend to loved ones.
  •  They lack a clear record of promises made versus results received.
  •  They cost more than necessary, sometimes many times more, but it's hard to tell because their costs are not well disclosed.
Open Window puts an end to this charade. You deserve more.
  •  We provide better service and expertise at a lower and known cost.
  •  Our advice is independent, objective, and customized to you by considering all aspects of your finances.
  •  Referrals from loved ones are our greatest source of new clients.
Are you on track to achieve your goals? Find out here.
Comprehensive, fee-transparent financial planning services for families and individuals nationwide. 

Disciplined investment advice for organizations and institutions.