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A patient needs to trust their doctor in order to fully benefit from the prescribed treatment. The same can be said of financial advisors.
- Joe Hollen, MD, CFP®

Integrated Financial Planning

Clear the smoke surrounding financial advice.
So you can start to breath easy.
Open Window develops customized, total-picture financial solutions that ensure sound financial futures for families and individuals
What questions do you have when it comes to your finances? Those are the questions we can help you answer.
We take a comprehensive approach to financial advice that takes into account:
  • Risk management
  • Wealth building
  • Wealth preservation
  • Tax mitigation
  • Wealth transfer
  • Charitable planning 
Key groups we serve:
Established Families & Individuals
Those who believe in a total-picture approach to their finances and seek objective financial advice are the best match for Open Window. Most families and individuals we work with hold a minimum of $1 million in investable assets or have the ability to build toward that level.
Physicians & Other Medical Professionals
Before he earned his CFP® professional designation Joe Hollen, MD, spent 23 years as an emergency physician and had experience overseeing his medical group’s pension plan. The financial practice he built initially focused soley on serving the needs of physicians like himself who sought clear, sound, evidence-based advice.
Exceptional Young Professionals
Exceptional young professionals looking for a long-term relationship with an advisor, and who are not distracted by the reactionary, sales-based tactics of the financial industry, may find a partner in Open Window. If you do not already hold a minimum of $1 million in investable assets, you do have the ability to build toward that level.