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What does it cost?

Transparent. 100% Fiduciary. Valuable.

Do you know the total cost you pay for financial advice?

Our clients know the exact cost, with no commissions, no kick-backs, no surprises.

Although we offer hourly advice, and advice on specific projects, most clients choose to retain us for ongoing advice. These clients are charged a fixed percentage of the portfolio, usually around 1% per year.


When done right, our cost is a small fraction of the value we offer:

  • By helping you make better decisions, make them earlier, and avoid costly errors.
  • By causing your long-term investment return to exceed other comparable options, self-selected or otherwise.
  • By providing peace of mind while saving you time and energy.

Studies by Vanguard and others estimate the value of good advice at far more than it's cost, plus potential investment returns. Researchers at Dartmouth College found that those who have taken the time to do some planning, even a little bit, ended up with two- to three-times more financial wealth.

As a Fee-Only fiduciary our cost is fully transparent - agreed to in advance, reviewed and summarized multiple times each year, and tracked over time as your total lifetime advisory cost. 



Not ready for a dedicated, fiduciary financial planner and investment advisor?

Local, in-person, bilingual assistance is available FREE OF CHARGE at the non-profit Financial Guidance Center (800) 451-4505.

Also, consider these four commission-free options below (unaffiliated with Open Window):

1) Do-It-Yourself
2) Digital advisor
3) Hybrid advisor
4) Human advisor
Fees: 0.04% to 0.16%
Fees: 0.25% to 0.65%
Fees: 0.35% to 0.89%
Fees: 1%
  • Select a single, low-cost portfolio with a low minimum balance
  • No guidance beyond initial investment selection
  • Good for those starting out or when your situation is simple
  • Help selecting a single, low-cost portfolio with a low minimum balance
  • Limited access to a human when you have questions on investing
  • Good for those starting out or when your situation is simple
  • Help selecting a single, low-cost portfolio with a low minimum balance
  • Can offer limited advice on topics beyond investing, sometimes from a CFP® professional
  • Good when you have some wealth built or want more interaction
  • Face-to-face portfolio management and customized advice on topics beyond investing
  • Ideally, act as unlimited fiduciaries, are CFP® professionals, and represent CEFEX-certified firms
  • Good for those with more-complex situations and/or established wealth

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