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About Open Window (Continued)

An emergency physician for 23 years, Joseph Hollen, MD, couldn’t find the straightforward, evidence-based financial advice that he needed in order to plan for his future. So he decided to become that resource for himself and others.

In March of 2004, Joe opened Hollen Financial Planning, Ltd. in Reno, Nevada. More than a decade after opening the doors, Hollen Financial Planning is now Open Window Financial Solutions, Ltd. and Joe has been joined by his son, Eric Hollen, CFP®, and Stacy Barry. Open Window continues to serve the physician community, as well as other established professionals, families, pensions and foundations. Joe's founding principles also continue to guide the team – to offer comprehensive, objective, Fee-Only financial solutions that are in the best interest of the client.

Open Window is among the fewer than 1% of financial services firms nationwide that abide by the Fiduciary Oath, a legal commitment to act only in the client’s best interest. This commitment is certified annually by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). Open Window is the first firm in Nevada to join the elite group of advisors that have successfully completed an annual CEFEX certification process. However, as a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), Open Window adheres to this Fee-Only, commission-free model as a matter of principle. Non-fiduciary or commission-based compensation presents an inherent conflict: does the proposed course of action serve your financial best interest or the company’s? With Fee-Only compensation, financial recommendations can be more readily aligned with your goals.

Guided by Joe’s 23 years caring for medical patients, Open Window is a relationship-driven company. In the same way that a patient and a physician must have a bond of mutual trust in order for the relationship to be beneficial, trust is the essential foundation of our client relationships. We work in partnership with you, sitting on the same side of the table to gain a full understanding of your goals, needs and concerns. First we listen, then we provide the education and guidance you need to make informed decisions. We strive to be your ally in achieving financial success.

Others in the financial service industry claim to put the client-first, all the while putting firm-first; we have chosen a different model. If you seek transparency and clarity in your financial advisory relationship and you want a true partner who is as invested in your financial success as you are, you are in the right place.

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